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The White Lion 

We are  a group of Pailton residents who want to see the White Lion pub in Pailton reopen. With the support of the parish council we formed a campaign to save the last standing pub in Pailton.

A flourishing pub brings life to a community. A place to meet, to drink, to eat and to socialise with friends or as a group with a common interest.

We believe that The White Lion should be run for the local community, by the community.  The Parish Council has purchased the property and we are now making plans for the redevelopment. 

forum page has been added to the site for village residents.

You will need to sign up to the site to join this.  


The Save the White Lion Committee are planning an online presentation to update the village on the plans for the White Lion

 Friday 21 May 2021


We will post the webinar recording in the forum as soon as we can.

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